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Super Plus enjoy! "kbm" was listed on the "White List" of the Ministry of Commerce!

Issuing time:2020-10-24 11:35

Good news, good news!

Recently, Hangzhou KBM Life sciences Co.,Ltd

New coronavirus detection reagents produced

It is listed on the export "white list" of the Ministry of Commerce!

The "white list" refers to the list of enterprises with the "five major categories" of anti-epidemic materials export qualifications confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce, including new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, and medical protective clothing.

Being selected into the "white list" is not only the trust and affirmation of Biomax's efforts, it also means that the new coronavirus detection reagents produced by Biomax have met the requirements of relevant EU regulations and meet the requirements of EU countries in terms of product performance and various indicators. Strict standards, is a product with international standards.

New coronavirus detection reagents produced by KBM

The current epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge for the biological industry.

While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, KBM Biosciences paid close attention to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, developed rapid and accurate detection reagents for the new crown virus, and obtained the EU CE certification in time to realize the free circulation of products among EU member states. It can quickly deliver materials to fight the epidemic to European countries, help local health organizations fight the new crown epidemic, and contribute to the global fight against the epidemic.

With scientific research to help the epidemic, Baimai Bio has been in action!

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