Development prospect of gene diagnosis industry


In 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology held the "National Precision Medicine Strategy Expert Meeting". So far, precision medicine has risen to a "national strategy" in China. The genetic testing industry is an important part of precision medicine. With the development of economy and sequencing technology, the continuous improvement of external policies, and the continuous integration and development of big data and biomedicine, the genetic testing industry has great development potential and will emerge in the future Create more innovative big data application scenarios to accelerate the development of precision medicine in all aspects.

Hangzhou KBM Life sciences Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou KBM Life sciences Co.,Ltd was established in September 2012. As a national high-tech enterprise, it has independent intellectual property rights, applied for more than 30 patents, obtained 17 patent authorizations, and has a first-class R&D center and GMP standard industrialized workshop. The company focuses on research And developed a full range of molecular diagnostic products for individualized drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In January 2020, the ACE genotyping test kit, AGTR1 and CYP2C9*3 genotyping test kits obtained the registration certificate of the three-category medical device for individualized medication gene diagnosis issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, striving to be the leader in precision medication ! Baimai in vitro diagnostic kits are used to prescribe warfarin, clopidogrel, statins, and high blood pressure guidance drugs in large and medium-sized hospitals or third-party inspection institutions across the country. It mainly covers cardiology, cardiology CCU (internal intensive care), neurology, senior management, physical examination, rehabilitation, etc.

Conditions of joining

It has an independent legal person economic entity, has the qualifications and conditions for legal business, and has good business ethics.

Have certain financial strength, good commercial credit, no debt disputes and other bad commercial credit experience.

Have entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising spirit, and have the determination of long-term operation and development.

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