Development prospect of gene diagnosis industry


In 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology held the "National Precision Medicine Strategy Expert Meeting". So far, precision medicine has risen to a "national strategy" in China. The genetic testing industry is an important part of precision medicine. With the development of economy and sequencing technology, the continuous improvement of external policies, and the continuous integration and development of big data and biomedicine, the genetic testing industry has great development potential and will emerge in the future Create more innovative big data application scenarios to accelerate the development of precision medicine in all aspects.

Strategic Partners

Guangzhou Ruiming Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a company focusing on the R & D and production of biological raw materials for in vitro diagnostic reagents. The main creators of our company have returned from overseas and have more than 10 years of reagent development and production experience in the field of IVD. We hope that many years of overseas working experience can better help customers with in vitro diagnostic reagent product development and optimization.

Adhering to the service tenet of quality first and integrity first, raymebio has carried out friendly cooperation with many domestic in vitro diagnostic reagent companies. At present, diagnostic reagents and raw materials have been recognized by a large number of customers. Raymebio will continue to forge ahead and strive for perfection, so as to contribute its modest strength to the IVD diagnostic industry.

  • Core members:

    Five founders, all of whom have more than 10 years of working experience in the in vitro diagnostic reagent industry.

    The chairman and general manager have visited the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia for many times and have rich practical experience in the industry.

  • Development direction:

    Main product series 1: drug abuse corresponding antigen and monoclonal antibody.

    Main product series 2: small molecule monoclonal antibodies and antigens.

  • Project introduction:

    1、Animal IgG :

    Mouse IgG, rabbit IgG, sheep IgG, chicken IgY

    Purpose: passive blocking agent, quality control line marking of POCT strip.

    2、Second antibody :

    Rabbit anti mouse IgG, Rabbit anti sheep IgG,Rabbit anti chicken IgG, Sheep anti mouse IgG,Sheep anti rabbit IgG and Sheep anti chicken IgY

    Purpose: POCT strip quality control line coating

    3、Auxiliary class :

    Anti erythrocyte agglutinin, anti RBC,Active blocker C, protease K,Hair lysate and HbA1c dissociation solution

    4、Biological consumables:

    Tips , Elisa Plate

    Undertake the international sales of biological consumables of KBM.

    5、Test board:

    Various types of colloidal gold and elisa test plates are available. Animals, flu, CRP etc

    6、Biochemical enzyme:


    7、Latex turbidity ratio:


    8、Development and sales of various instruments:

    To undertake the sales of various brands of instruments and the customization of special instruments. As well as the instrument supporting consumables customization.

  • Contact person: John

Conditions of joining

It has an independent legal person economic entity, has the qualifications and conditions for legal business, and has good business ethics.

Have certain financial strength, good commercial credit, no debt disputes and other bad commercial credit experience.

Have entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising spirit, and have the determination of long-term operation and development.

The process of joining
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